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Moving Tips and Tricks that Make Moving Easier

It can be exciting to move into a new home, but the actual process of moving can often seems overwhelming. There is usually so much that must be done while moving and it may feel as though you will simply never be able to accomplish everything. The following moving tips and tricks will help to make transitioning to a new home much easier and simpler.

First, it is important to make sure you have all of the supplies you will need in advance. These items include moving boxes, packaging tape, paper towels and newspaper (Find wholesale discount moving boxes, packing packing tape here). You should also have a black permanent marker and cleaning products. Unless you or someone you know has a large vehicle, you will need to make arrangements for a moving van or truck as well.

Once you have all of the supplies you will need, it is time to get organized. Moving is always much easier when you pack one room at a time and separately. Do not combine items from different rooms in the same box. Begin by packing all wall décor as well as collectibles and other objects. Anything that you can live without should be packed first. Pack items according to category such as mirrors, photos or anything that goes on the wall. Continue packing in this manner until everything that falls into that category is ready.

Labeling boxes makes things much easier and more organized. Be sure that all boxes are labeled appropriately according to room and category. It can also be helpful to describe what each of your boxes contains as well as the room where it came from. You might also label each box with the room it will go into in your new home. This will make unpacking much simpler once you are moved. You will not have to worry about searching and hunting for items you need.

Items should be wrapped and packed neatly. It is especially important to pack breakable items with newspaper and then gently stack them in boxes to keep them safe. Newspaper is a good choice for breakables because it is thick and can absorb impacts. In addition, it is also inexpensive. Be sure to ask friends and family members to save their newspapers for you before you move.

As you are packing for your move, make sure you wash and dust all items that are to be moved. It is easier to unpack items and put them away without any hassles when they are packed clean. This is particularly important in regards to dishes. To protect your dishes even more be sure to wrap them first in paper towels and then in newspapers. This will help to keep them safe and ensure the print from the newspapers does not spread onto clean glasses and dishes.

If you will be bringing pets with you, be sure to bring them last. You should bring all other items first so that you do not run the risk of losing track of your pets while you are coming in and out of your new place during the move. If you are concerned about your pets becoming accustomed to your new place, make plans to allow them to check it out in advance before you actually move in. This will allow the scents of the new house to become familiar to your pets even after all of your belongings have been moved.

Before you move into your new place, make sure it is clean. It is easier to clean before you move in your belongings. Focus on wiping down the counters and the walls. Leave the floors for after you have in moved in as you will likely track in dirt during the move. Keep in mind that the best way to avoid leaving stains on the floor or the carpet while you are moving is to position a large plastic sheet on the floor. You can pick up one of these at any hardware store.

Do not try to move everything in a week or a weekend. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time if possible to pack items neatly and then move them bit by bit. This will help to prevent a lot of stress.

If you plan to use a moving truck and will be moving all of your belongings at once, place them by the door in order of the way you want them placed in the moving truck. This will ensure the movers know where they are going and also help to prevent items from being broken.

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