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Top Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home

With so many options available on the housing market right now, buyers have found themselves faced with making a decision between brand-new construction and a new but previously owned home. New construction certainly has many advantages. Which option is right for you? Before making a final decision be sure to consider the top reasons below for purchasing a newly constructed home over one that is already built.

When you purchase a brand new home, there is no getting around the fact that it's nice to live in a home that no one else has previously inhabited. In addition, you gain the chance to select what you want in terms of features, finishes and the floor plan. Basically, you can customize it any way you would like. This is a tremendous selling feature for many people who want their home to reflect their personality, taste and style; not that of the previous homeowner.

It is also important to consider the fact that when you purchase a brand new home, it's likely move-in ready. Short of giving everything a good dusting to remove the construction dust, it's basically ready. That's not always the case with a home you purchase from the previous homeowner. Beyond the fact that you may need to give it a thorough cleaning there is also the fact that there may be certain immediate repair issues that need to be handled before you move in. That can mean increased costs as well as a time delay before you can actually move into your home. These are things you don't typically have to worry about with new construction.

There is also the fact that you can benefit from designs, features and amenities that are cutting edge. That's not the case when you purchase a home that's already on the market, unless you spend the time and money to update it. Upgrades can include a wide range of features in today's newly constructed home, ranging from stainless steel appliances to granite counters and wiring for all of today's technology. With a home that is already on the market you will have to make the decision to either live with it as it is or go ahead and splurge for the money it will cost to implement the upgrades. That can mean not only additional costs but also having to live in the home while you are renovating, something that can be time consuming and messy.

In most instances, a brand new home is also going to be more energy efficient due to additional insulation and improved heating and cooling systems. In fact, many new homes are now being built to green standards and are even certified as such. This type of energy efficiency can have a big impact on your utility bill. You may also find that you qualify for certain tax credits if your new home is constructed to green standards. Overall, this can result in a tremendous cost savings in the long run.

You can also save money on the maintenance costs of a brand new home. Many older homes have begun to show their age, even if they are only ten years old or so. That typically translates to increased maintenance costs. Even if a home that is already on the market has not begun to look worn around the edges yet, there is no getting around the fact that it won't be long before you will have to replace the roof, repaint or upgrade the electric or plumbing. While you will eventually have to face the same costs with a home that is newly constructed it likely won't be for many years down the road.

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, you may also be able to take advantage of the stricter hurricane codes that have been put into place for new construction, ensuring that your home will be able to withstand even a Category 5 hurricane through impact windows and hip roofs. Being built to hurricane codes may also allow your home to qualify for a discount on your homeowner's insurance. This gives you the ability to save money each year on your insurance as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home will be safe if a big storm or hurricane should happen to strike sometime in the future.

When all of the reasons are tallied up, there are certainly many good reasons to consider purchasing a newly constructed home over one that is already on the market.



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