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Home Buying Guide for Families with Children

The factors you consider when buying a home often have a lot to do with your particular situation. This is certainly true if you have young children. The addition of children often motivates many couples to purchase a move-up property, even if that means that they must take a loss on their current property in order to make the move. The upside is that in the current market, families making such a move are often able to afford homes that would previously have been out of their budget due to declining prices across the market.

Real estate agents across the country are reporting an increasing number of buyers are moving out of starter homes in order to trade-up to properties with more space and in better neighborhoods. The compelling reason for most families is the opportunity to purchase a dream home in a neighborhood where they can feel comfortable raising their children and live for the next several years. Low mortgage rates and attractive tax incentives have definitely encouraged many families to purchase homes. This is especially true of first-time home buyers.

If the idea of trading-up sounds attractive to you, there are a few tips you should follow in order to find the best home at the best price.

First, make sure you do your homework and research the schools in the local area. Your dream house could turn out to be a nightmare if you find yourself living in a school district that is less than satisfactory. This is a mistake that many people make when buying homes and come to regret it later. Take the time to find out information about test scores and talk with parents in the district. It is also a good idea to speak with the school administrators and take a tour of the school. This can help you to glean information about the school that you would not ordinarily be able to find out if you are only researching online. Talking with other parents can also provide you with excellent information about discipline in the school, what the curriculum is really like and other vital information.

In addition, find out whether your children will have access to playmates in that neighborhood. This can be a strong element in the quality of life for children. Consider whether there are children within the same age group living near by. This can make a great difference in how much your children enjoy living in the neighborhood. The best way to find out if there are children of the same age living in the neighborhood is to drive through the area one afternoon during the week. If you see kids outside playing, this is a good indication your kids will fill right in.

You should also consider how much interaction takes place in the neighborhood as well. For example, are there sidewalks in the neighborhood? If so, there is a stronger chance that neighbors will be friendlier and more interaction will take place. Also, check into whether there is a recreation center or swim club in the neighborhood. These are excellent ways for families to become better acquainted as well as be more supportive of one another.

When it comes to looking for the right home, make sure you look for features in the home that will suit your whole family for many years to come. For example, while your children may be toddlers now, you need to think ahead to the time when they will be school age and eventually teenagers. Ideas to consider include spacious eat-in kitchens and large family rooms. Consider as well the amount of closet space and cabinet and food storage space. As your family grows and your children become older you will likely need more storage space. It is also important to look for a home with the appropriate number of bedrooms and baths for family, especially if you think that you may continue to expand your family. Also, remember to look for a home that provides an ample master suite so that you will have your own haven.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you to purchase a home that will meet your needs now as well as in the future. This can be important because it means that you may be able to remain in the home long enough for it to increase in value. Ultimately, this can be critical when building a nest egg for the future.



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