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Beware of Home Selling Tricks

If you are in the market for a new home, it's a good idea to make sure you are aware of the various little things that home sellers as well as agents can do to make a house look better and consequently lure you into buying a house.

Remember that by law, home sellers must disclose anything they know that might be wrong with the house. If you find out after the fact that a seller did not disclose vital information regarding a problem with the house, you may have legal repercussions.

One of the first things that you will likely notice when you are shopping around for a new home is that the lights will almost always be turned on. This is one of the oldest tricks employed by home sellers and agents alike for one very important reason; it makes a house look more spacious. While that may be fine, because you do want to make sure you know how much space is available, it's also a good idea to make sure you know how the house looks when the lights are not all turned on, so feel free to turn the lights off briefly to give you a clear idea of how each of the rooms look in natural light.

Be aware of the fact that some rooms may look more spacious than they really are because the sellers have taken furniture out of the rooms in order to give the appearance of additional space. Check the carpet to see if there are any indentations that would indicate that other items of furniture have been in the room recently. Visualize how your own furniture will look in the room and consider whether there is really enough space in the room once all of your own items are moved in.

Similarly, be aware of homes that have been professionally staged. Many sellers and agents are turning to professional staging to make a home look more attractive, but make sure you are not so taken with the professional décor and furnishings that you become blinded to possible faults with the home.

When you first walk into a house for sale you may notice two things; the smell of freshly baked cookies and light music playing in the background. These are two tricks that sellers and agents sometimes use to help set the mood. While there is certainly nothing wrong with popping a sheet of cookies into the oven just before a buyer arrives, make sure you do not let your true feelings about the house be obscured by a plate of warm cookies or the music playing in the background.

Everyone who is looking for a new home wants to see carpets that are clean and in good shape and sellers know that so they commonly have the carpets professionally cleaned prior to putting a home on the market or before an open house. Take the time to closely inspect the carpets and notice any stains that may still be visible. If you can still see the stains even after it appears that the carpets have been professionally cleaned, you should be aware of the fact that the stains will probably never come out.

Sellers are also well aware of the importance of curb appeal. They know that if a house does not look good from the outside that many buyers will not even take the time to stop to see what the inside of the home looks like. As a result, they often employ some little tricks to make the landscaping look better than it ordinarily would. One of those tricks is to make sure the grass is wet. Look closely if the property is outfitted with automatic sprinklers, to make sure there are no dry spots. If there are, the property may have a problem with the sprinklers.

Along those same lines, check the plants on the exterior of the home to make sure they are actually planted and not just potted plants that have been carefully staged. If you do notice an abundance of potted plants, it could indicate that the property has a problem with the soil or even too much shading. This means that in the event that you purchase the property, you may experience difficulty in growing your own plants in that location.

Making sure you that you are aware of the subtle little tricks that home sellers as well as agents can use will help you to see a home for its true worth and value and also help you to determine whether it is really the right home for you.



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