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Buy or Remodel Your Home: What is the Future Home Trend?

A drive around any neighborhood these days will reveal that the home trend is toward the big and the flashy. Many homeowners are looking for a way to make sure their homes are in style not only today but in the future as well. After all, a home is the single biggest investment most of us will every have, and it makes sense to keep the value of that asset as high as possible.

The decision of whether to remodel your current home or purchase a new home depends in large part on what you feel the future trend of housing will be. In order to get an idea of where housing trends are headed, however, it is helpful to know where they are now.

Today the average home is 2,400 square feet in size, and more than half of single family homes purchased in the last year have been two stories or more. But, the rush toward ever bigger houses has begun to slow somewhat, with 65% of buyers saying they would prefer a smaller home with a higher quality standard and greater amenities to a large home made with lower quality materials.

Less than one quarter of new home on the market feature three or more bathrooms, but 37% of those homes do feature at least four bedrooms. In addition, buying a new home with a fireplace, or adding a fireplace during a remodel, is a good idea, since 55% of homes around the country now have fireplaces. In the cold climate of the Midwest that number is an even higher 61%.

The family room is one of the most popular rooms in the modern home and the home trend here is toward high ceilings. One recent survey found that 37% of homebuyers prefer ceilings of at least nine feet, with an additional 29% preferring 10 foot high ceilings on the ground floor. Even on the second floor, 42% of homebuyers prefer ceilings of nine feet or higher.

Despite homebuyers' preference for high quality building over size, average home sizes are not expected to change greatly in the next ten years. Housing experts predict that the average home size will remain in the 2,300 to 2,500 square foot range.

One home trend expected to occur is the elimination of the living room in favor of the den, parlor, library, home entertainment center or music room. Only those upscale homes with living space of 3,000 square feet or more are expected to retain the traditional living room.

The home trend is also moving toward open floor plans with fewer walls, so those homeowners planning a remodeling project may want to consider removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

In the future, special features like arches, pillars and ceiling treatments will define living areas instead of walls. This means that the dining room, living room, kitchen and family room may be part of one great room, with the areas defined by floor coverings, ceiling treatments and archways.

The importance of the kitchen is likely to continue unabated, with upscale kitchen appliances like stainless steel stoves and marble countertops making their way into homes of all price ranges. These new kitchens are likely to include central islands, more table space, double sinks and even walk-in pantries and storage areas.

In the bedroom, master bedrooms are expected to contain separate dressing, sitting and sleeping areas, with his and her walk-in closets becoming more and more commonplace on homes of all prices. In addition, the master bedroom suite is expected to feature his and her bathrooms, with the toilet often compartmentalized away from the sink.

Understanding the future home trends expected to hit the housing industry can be a huge benefit, both to new homebuyers and to those remodeling their homes. Including as many of these modern features as possible in a home remodeling job will help to enhance its value, and knowing which features are of value will help you get the most home for your money when it comes time to buy.



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