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Home Buying Guide

Real estate market conditions are forever changing. Many home buyers are taking the advantages of falling prices and low interest rates. Moreover, huge home inventory translates into better chances of finding an ideal home.

However, it's not that easy to buy a home these days as home buyer can't get financing due the tightened up rules by lenders. Read our home buying tips to gain an unfair advantage over other home buyers here.

Home Mortgage Loan
home mortgage loan
It is important to find out how much you can borrow before you start looking for a home. Talk with several mortgage lenders in your area and get pre-qualified for your mortgage financing.

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Find an Agent
find an agent
Buying a home is a major commitment. There are many things to consider when looking for a house to buy. Don't take the risk if you are not sure how to buy a house without a realtor. A realtor is a professional who is well trained in the real estate industry. The services of a realtor can be a big help in the entire home buying process.

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Home Search
searching for house
There are over a million homes for sale in the market today. Ability to access to this nationwide home listings will help you to find the hottest deals and the new home of your dreams.

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Where to Start

How low will the home prices go?
As the housing market continues to decline, many buyers are wondering just exactly how low the home prices will go. Read more here!

The rules of real estate have changed!
The home market has experienced a drastic decline and the rules of real estate have since changed. Find out why!

The best reasons to buy a house
Read here why you should buy a house.

7 critical factors every home buyer should know
If you are considering buying a home in the near future, there are several critical factors which you should be aware of. Find out here!

Is now the right time to buy a new house?
Should you buy a new house now or wait to see where the market will settle? Find out here!

Key factors to watch for recovering local real estate markets
Real estate recovery is actually dependent on many local factors. Learn about these factors to look for and keep an eye on.

Buying home is still a great idea
Find out why buying home is still a great idea.

Is now the right time to take advantage of the buyer's market?
Should you buy a home now or wait to see where the market will settle? Find our here!

Is now the right time to move up to a bigger new home?
Find out why now is an excellent time to make the move to a larger new home.

Great benefits to buy home in current market
Are there benefits to buy a house in current market?

Is it a good idea to sell your home before you buy another?
Should you wait until your existing home sells before buying a new home or vice versa? Find out here!

Sorting through fact and fiction when buying a house
Given the current state of the economy and the housing market, there are often many myths circulating about the buying process. Find here how to sort through fact and fiction when buying a house.

Home buyers should recognize opportunity in foreclosure homes
A large number of first-time home buyers have found incredible deals in foreclosure homes. Read more here!

Buyers beware with foreclosures
Buying foreclosure homes can be an extremely great offer. But you should be aware that you are truly buying at your own risk.

Find home bargains on foreclosure auction
How much money can be saved by buying a home on the foreclosure auction? How does 20% of the appraised value sound? Read more here!

Is it better to rent or buy a home now?
With the housing market becoming increasingly unstable, is it better to rent or buy a house now? Find our here!

Is 'rent to own homes' right for you?
Find here the pros and cons of rent to own homes here.

Keys to recession proofing your home
What makes a home recession proof? Homes that have been bulletproofed against the economy will be able to hold their value exceptionally well. Find out here!

Top 10 reasons why now is the time to buy a home and stop renting
Find the reasons why now is the best time to make the move from renting to buying.

A beginner's guide on how to buy a house
Learn the most important steps in buying a house.

A single woman's guide to home buying
Buying a home as a single woman can be an excellent investment but make sure that you exercise all of your options. Find out here!

Get pre-approved for a home mortgage loan before buying a house
It is a good idea to get pre-approved for the mortgage you need before you begin shopping for a home. Find out the reasons here.

Buying a house with a friend - A new trend in property purchasing
How to buy a house with a friend or relative? Find out the key considerations before you do that!

How much house can you really afford?
How much house can I afford? Find different perspectives on how much you can afford when buying a home here!

Overcoming the most common obstacles to buying your first home
Buying your first home? Find the most common obstacles and how to solve them here!

How to get over your fear of buying a home
Find out how to get over your fears on buying a home here!

Critical factors to consider to ensure a successful home purchase
Find out the few major factors to consider when you're making a home purchase.

Make the most of your home buying tax credit
First time home buyers? Find out how you can take advantage of home buying tax credit here!

First Time Home Buyers

Guidelines for first time home buyers
Buying a home can be absolutely overwhelming especially for first time home buyers. Read the complete guidelines before you begin shopping for a home here!

The basics of buying your first home
Read the few basic things you need to know before buying your first home here!

Home buying tips for first-time home buyer
Buying your first home is no small decision and there are definitely things any first time home buyer needs to consider before making such a major purchase. Find out here.

Tips for obtaining a first time home buyers grant
Step-by-step guide on how to obtain a first time home buyers grant here!

Crucial factors first time home buyers can't afford to overlook
If you are first time home buyer considering the purchase of a home, find out the crucial factors here!

The benefits of buying a smaller home first
If you are first time home buyer, have you ever considered buying a smaller home first? Know the benefits of buying a smaller home?

Should you rent or buy a house
The decision of whether to rent or buy a house is an important one. It is vital to be sure buying a home is the right move before making the plunge.

How much can I afford to buy a house?
Guide on finding out how much you can afford on your new home.

Ensure buying a home that remains affordable
By taking the hidden costs of buying a home into consideration, you will be better prepared to budget accordingly and make sure you really can afford that dream home.

Home Building: Step-by-step guide
Many people looking to buy a home have decided to build their own home. Read our step-by-step guide on building your own home here!

Buy new or old house
Should you buy a new or old house, that's the question?

The benefits of buying new homes
Before you consider buying a new home or a resale home, find out the many advantages of buying a new home here!

Top reasons to buy a brand new home
If you are buying a home, find the reasons for purchasing a newly constructed home over one that is already built.

Buying a built house: What you need to know
When buying a built house, there are a few things that you should be aware of in order to have the best outcome!

Should I buy a condo or house?
How do you know whether a house or a condo is right for you? Read more here!

Is buying a condo in the city or a traditional home in the suburbs better for young buyers?
The demographics of individuals filling the profile of urbanites are certainly changing. Is buying a condo in the city or a traditional home in the suburbs better for young home buyers? Find out here!

Home Mortgage Loans: They're increasingly difficult to obtain
The current subprime loan woes continue to hit home buyers as they are finding it more difficult to obtain home mortgage loans now. Read more here!

Mortgage tips for home buyers in a down market
As the mortgage lending restrictions are tighter now, what you should be aware of when shopping around for a mortgage loan? Find out here!

Buying a house with a mortgage or with cash?
Find here the pros and cons of buying a house with cash and buying with a mortgage.

Want to buy a house? Things you should avoid!
If you are planning to buy a house, read the things that you should avoid before making such a major commitment.

Do your mortgage homework when buying a home
Many first time home buyers fail to realize the importance of performing mortgage research. Find out how to do your home buying mortgage homework here!

Improve chances of mortgage loan approval helps home buying
Home mortgage loans are increasingly difficult to obtain. If you are a first time home buyer, find out how to improve your chances to get mortgage loan approval here!

How to avoid your home mortgage being denied prior to closing?
Find out critical mistakes made by home buyers that result in their home mortgage loan denied!

Tips to improve your credit score before buying a home
Find useful tips to improve your credit score to obtain more difficult home mortgage loans now.

Solid tips for improving your credit before buying a house
Find various tips for cleaning up your credit to buy a home here!

How to raise credit score before buying a home
In the current state of housing market, raising credit scores are even more important now than ever when applying for a mortgage. Find out more here!

How to find the money for the home down payment?
It is difficult for first time home buyers to come up thousands of dollars for home down payment. Learn the few good ways to raise the money for the down payment here.

The facts about mortgage down payments
Having trouble finding the money for a down payment? Find the mortgage down payment assistance here!

Easy ways to save for a down payment when buying a home
Learn about some easy ways to save money for your down payment here.

Online mortgage loan calculators: Home buyer, beware!
There are many mortgage loan calculators available online to help would be homeowners to find out how much they can afford to buy the house. But it is important to exercise caution when using the mortgage rate calculator. Find out more here!

The future home trend
The decision of whether to remodel your current home or purchase a new home depends on what you feel the future home trend will be. Find out what is the future housing trend here!

Best places to live in US
Relocation, retire or simply want to find a best place to live? Before you move to a new city and buy a house there, find the guidelines on how to identify the best places to live first.

Tips for finding neighborhoods with stable home prices
Find useful tips for finding neighborhoods of great value.

Things to know about a place before you buy a home
Learn what all things are to be checked about the place you want to buy a home.

Protecting yourself from real estate bubble
Find out the different steps that you can take to protect yourselves against a real estate bubble burst.

Getting Ready to Buy

How to buy a house with bad credit
Discover how to buy a house even if you have bad credit.

How to buy a house with no money down
There are programs available that help first time home buyers and others to purchase a home with little or even no money down. Learn the methods here.

Seven home buying mistakes to avoid
Home buyer beware! Learn to avoid the seven common home buying mistakes.

Avoiding the most common home buying mistakes
Find out what are the most common home buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

How to avoid the five biggest first time home buyer mistakes
By learning about the most common and biggest mistakes other firt time home buyers have made; you can make sure you do not fall into an expensive trap when you set about buying your next home.

Beware of home selling tricks
If you're first time home buyer, watch out for these home selling tricks here!

Getting past home staging techniques
If you are buying a home, make sure you are aware of the latest home staging techniques and make certain your attention is not distracted from any possible flaws!

All that glitters is not gold during the holiday season
There are advantages to shopping around during the winter months, including the ability to test out features first-hand that would be difficult to judge during the summer.

Must have documents for buying or selling a home
There are several crucial documents you must make sure you have on hand in order to speed the home buying process along. Learn which all papers you may need while buying a home.

Tips for creating a strong home purchase offer
Learn how to create an effective home purchase offer.

How much to offer on a house for sale or to buy
How do you know how much to offer on a house to buy? The simple guidelines here will help you to navigate the murky waters of listing prices and offers.

How to make a lowball offer on a house and get it accepted?
If you're a home buyer interested in getting a good deal by making a lowball offer there are a few tips that should be kept in mind. Read more here!

Insider secrets to buying a home at the very best price
Find out how to buy a home at the very best price possible here.

Buying a new home from builder? Make sure you're protected
Critical things to ensure that you are protected when you're buying a new home from a builder.

House Buying Tips: How to avoid buying a bad house?
Find out how to avoid buying a bad house here!

How to steer clear of a money pit when buying a home
When buying a home you must make it sure that there ain't any serious repair issues on the house. Learn how to check whether a house could actually be a money pit here.

Home buying guide for families with children
The factors you consider when buying a home often have a lot to do with your particular situation. This is certainly true if you have young children.

30 yr Fixed $200k loan for $1,050/mo.

Critical steps for finding house bargains in the current market
Understand a few critical elements about the current market can help you to identify house bargains.

Five questions home buyers should ask to get a 'real bargain'
Whether you are in a buyer's market or a seller's market, there are a number of questions all home buyers should ask when shopping for a home. Read more here!

Tips for negotiating the best deal possible when buying a house
Getting a good deal on your next home purchase is really not as difficult as you might think. Find out here!

Buying houses: what are the types of bargains you can find
Buying bargain properties is an excellent way to invest in real estate and make a good profit. Find out what are the types of bargains you can find.

How to find the right house with the right layout design
Learn how to spot a bad layout design before you buy the house.

Tips for buying a safe home
Check out these tips to make it sure you are buying a safe home.

How to buy a new home while selling your existing home
Buying a home and selling a home at the same time can be one of the most difficult and nerve wracking of all real estate transactions. Find out the best way to buy a new home while selling your existing home here!

Best time to buy a house
Learn the best time to buy a house.

Why you need to find a real estate agent before buying a house?
There are many things to consider when purchasing a home, and the services of a realtor can be a big help when navigating this somewhat confusing real estate market.

Why smart home buyer hires a buyer's agent?
If you are considering buying a home, you should consider hiring a buyer's agent. Find out what a buyer agent can do for you here!

What to look for in a real estate agent?
Guide on the criteria when selecting a realtor.

Key questions to ask your real estate agent before buying a home
By asking your real estate agent a few pointed questions, you can find out if the home is a good deal and really right for you. Find out here!

How to work with more than one real estate agent when buying a home?
Many potential home buyers do not realize that it is perfectly acceptable to work with more than one real estate agent when shopping for a home. Learn that here!

Is your real estate agent telling you everything?
There are some details that real estate agents may not be quite so forthcoming with. Find out here!

How to break up with your real estate agent?
When things are no longer working out with your real estate agent. How do I break up with my real estate agent?

Unethical real estate agent practices
Buying or selling a home? You should be aware of some worst tactics use by desperate realtors and brokers here!

The Buying Process

Buy a house online
When it comes to buying your house and finding the best deal on a mortgage loan, the Internet can be a huge help.

What are the factors that affect your offer price?
Learn the various factors that can affect your offer price for your dream home. 

How to work with a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Seller?
Learn how to work with a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) seller if you are buying a house from a FSBO seller!

Is buying a FSBO home right for you?
When considering buying a FSBO home, it is critical to make sure you understand the process. Find out if buying a FSBO home right for you here!

Buying a condo: Step-by-step guide
The process of buying a condo is unique and sometimes complicated. Our free guide will take you through the condo buying process step-by-step.

Top 5 questions to ask before buying a condo
If you're considering buying a condo, there are a few simple questions you should be sure to ask. Find out here!

What you must know before purchasing your retirement home
Find out what you must know before buying your retirement home.

Is the time right to buy a retirement or vacation home now?
While real estate agents are suggesting that there may never have been a better time to purchase a second home, the final decision of whether or not now is a good time to buy a vacation home should be based on careful consideration.

Why home inspections are important before buying a house?
A step-by-step guide on home inspections.

Tips for choosing a home inspector
Find critical tips and advise on choosing a home inspector here!

The 5 most common home inspection blunders and how to avoid them
Many home buyers fail to understand the home inspection process. Find the common home inspection problems and how to avoid them here!

Green home inspection: Is it necessary before buying the home?
It is a good idea to ensure the green home assessment is performed before buying a home. Find out why?

Should you test for radon before you buy a home?
Find out everything you need to know about radon testing here!

How to deal with buyer's remorse in the purchase of a home
More people than you might imagine feel buyer's remorse during the home buying process. Learn the proper way to back out of a contract on a home for sale here!

How to handle your offer rejected by home seller?
Why did the home seller reject your offer? What did you do wrong? How to deal with it?

Closing the Deal

Home buying costs: Get to know the cost of buying a home
Many home buyers are completely unaware of the various home buying costs they will need to cover in connection with the purchase of their new home. Learn the cost of buying a home here!

Home closing costs: What should you expect to pay for when buying a home?
Find out what are the real estate closing costs that you need to pay when buying a home here!

What type of home owner insurance do home buyers need?
The question of what type of home owner insurance is needed is one of the most frequently asked by first time home buyers. Find out here!

Tips to avoid expensive home owners insurance mistakes
Find out the tips to avoid expensive home owner insurance here!

How much homeowner's insurance coverage do you need?
There are several factors to consider when determining how much homeowner's insurance coverage you need. Find out here!

Stop wasting money on excess homeowner's insurance
Many people are overpaying for their home insurance. Sometimes people over-insure or fail to update their policy when situations change.

Moving tips and tricks that make moving easier
Read the moving tips and tricks that help to make transitioning to a new home much easier and simpler!

House moving tips
Find complete home moving tips here!

Easy ways to save $1,000 off your next house move
Find out how to save on your house moving cost by using a few savvy techniques.

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