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How to Find the Right Online Mortgage Loan Lender

Applying for and obtaining a mortgage loan can be one of the most stressful undertakings a person can endure. Regardless of whether the lender is a bank, a finance company, or some other kind of mortgage company, the borrower is about to be subjected to rounds of questions, lots of digging into old records, and all manner of scrutiny. Unfortunately before all of that even happens, the borrower must go through the paces of finding the right mortgage loan lender. The advent of internet technology has made this process easier in some ways but more difficult in others. There are some definite steps a prospective borrower can take, however, to find the right online mortgage loan lender.

Shop around

When seeking an online lender the all important first step is to shop around. This is one of those aspects of mortgage borrowing that the internet has made much easier. Clicking from web site to web site is much less exhausting than calling multiple companies and dealing with loan officers while simply asking about rates. Exact rates are hard to quote without specific information being given to any lender, but a general idea can be formulated.

During this process the borrower should be making notes about the various lenders she is interested in for the next phase of seeking an online lender. This second phase is perhaps more important than the first because it will help you determine whether a particular lender is worth your time.


If there is one thing the internet is great for, it is research. When you have the names of lending companies that interest you, you'll want to research them as extensively as possible. Look for customer testimonials about the company on other lending related web sites and customer complaints about them on "rip off" sites and Better Business Bureau sites. This type of research can go a long way toward making a determination as to whether you can trust a lender. Making that determination has always been one of the more difficult parts of borrowing and the internet has not made it any easier. There are some wonderful lenders operating online and helping people every day. There are also a lot of fly by night operations which are just lying in wait to snare the unsuspecting borrower. The research is easier online, but garnering trust is harder.

Get a second opinion

Once you've decided upon a lender and been given the particulars about a deal, don't be afraid to ask other lenders whether it is any good if you aren't sure yourself. There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion in situations like these. Remember you're potentially dealing with thousands of dollars here. You don't want to realize you've been taken advantage of when it is too late to do anything about it.

Following these simple steps can take a good portion of the stress out of the lending process when seeking an online mortgage lender. The money and the sanity that you save could very well be your own! Click here to find our recommended online mortgage lenders who are ready to give you a no-obligation quotes.


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