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Five Most Popular Home Features that Buyers Want

These days, most home buyers are looking for a home that is more modern, stylish and has a certain edge over other residences while maintaining a top notch function. This generation's home owners are more into the hottest housing trends. Architectural layout and interior design are some of the few factors that make up a property's fast sale. Home feature is another factor that relatively takes up most home buyers search for that one particular dream home. Home sellers with residences having these features are also ensured of a quick home sale.

Having the right tools is good for making a fast home sale. But, having your house set for the right home features makes it even better. Not only will you be assured of a quick selling process but as well as an increase in your home's value at the same time which generates more income. In the U.S., 60% of home buyers, both first-time and previous home buyers have said that what they want in a house in this present time is something that maximizes its function, is modern and up to date and yet at the same time friendly to the environment. Mixing these three demands in your home ensures a successful sale. Here are five top home features that buyers want:

Swanky Bathrooms

Every home owner wants a spacious and comfortable bathroom where they can relax and feel like they are in the spa every day. Equipping your bathrooms, specifically your master's bath area with modern things will surely be a hit for home buyers. A bathroom that is made of tiles, marble, glass or stone with carpets, two sinks, a large bathtub, up to date toilet and shower heads or even a whirlpool assures for a fast home sale.

Family Room Kitchens or Big Modern Kitchens

The kitchen area is always one of the main focal points for home buyers to look at when house hunting. Family room kitchens that are big, spacious and well-lighted with up to date kitchen sinks, counters, tabletops, chairs, cabinets, stoves and other electrical appliances are a must have. A home's kitchen is the most used area in the house and owners holding house parties agree that the kitchen it the best home feature of a house so making sure that it has cozy lighting, comfortable seating and homey decors is a must.

Special Interest Room

More commonly known as previous rooms in a house that has no use, having a particular room for special purposes is a great addition that is a popular home feature today. This varies according to the person's hobbies. This room can be turned into a mini gym, yoga, dance studio, home theatre room, playroom and den amongst others. The key here is to make your special room into an area that can be quickly altered to suit the wants of the home buyer. So be sure that everything can be changed and modified to the new home owner's specific needs and demands.

Outdoor Entertainment

In this modern time, entertaining people no longer consist of staying in your dining area or living room. It is all about the outside area of your house. Having a cozy outdoor area is more ideal and far more relaxing. Home buyers are looking for that one perfect house with the right outdoor comfort. In the real estate market, most residents that are quickly sold are homes that have porches, gardens and lanais. Either for summer or winter season or in sunny countryside's to more cooler areas, staying outdoors has never been this fun. People like the idea of enjoying with good food, good company, cooking, grilling and eating within the comforts of their home.

Energy Saving

Another more modern home feature very popular to home buyers and has no sign of going away is a home that is energy efficient. Due to too many issues regarding Mother Nature, getting furniture and appliances that saves energy is more ideal and practical. Solar panels and windows allow natural light to filter inside your home eliminating the need to turn on the lights even during daytime. This not only saves the environment but as well as decrease utility expenses. A cooling and heating system, exhaust fans, appliances with energy star rating and windows are some great add-ons to make your home more appealing than others.

Fixing home features that buyers want are a great way to have a quick and successful home sale. It adds up beauty and modernity to a house while increasing its home value at the same time.



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