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Tips for Pricing your Home to Sell in a Difficult Market

In today's difficult real estate market both real estate agents and homeowners are scrambling to find effective strategies for selling a home deluged with inventory. There is no doubt that pricing a home to sell can be a challenge. It isn't until a home has remained on the market for several months or even a year or more that many sellers are finally able to admit they may have overpriced their home. Therefore, the most important step in selling your home is to ensure it is priced properly for the existing market. It may be hard to admit that your home is worth less in the current market; however, if you are under pressure to sell quickly, it is imperative to recognize the reality of the situation.

That reality is that there is currently more homes for sale than there are willing buyers. While there remain a few hot pockets around the country where home prices have remained stable and have even increased, that is not true for most of the rest of the country. The simple truth of the matter is that even the best of homes in the best of neighborhoods cannot command out of the ballpark prices.

Set Right Expectation Regarding the Price

Before your home even goes on the market, it is important to check your expectations regarding the price. Oftentimes, many sellers set high expectations regarding the appeal of their property. This often stems from an emotional response. It is not uncommon for sellers to want top dollar for their homes because they believe their property is appealing enough to stand out from the rest of the homes on the market. Your home may be priceless to you but to a buyer with numerous options available to them, all they see at first is the price tag. Several months later they often discover their homes is no different from the thousands of others languishing on the market when they must lower the price. Establishing a backup plan for pricing from the very beginning can help to save time and also ensure your hopes are not dashed by expectations of a record price if you do need to lower the price in the future.

Avoid Odd Asking Price

When it comes to pricing your home to sell, avoid the temptation to get creative. Overly specific numbers or prices that are just plain odd may catch the attention of the buyer but not in a positive way. Pricing your home for $188,888 rather than $189,000 does nothing to sell your home faster. In fact, rather than creating a strong interest in your home an odd price will simply cause buyers to wonder why the home is priced as it is. It also usually tends to make buyers believe you are desperate to sell and while you might be a highly motivated seller, it is best to keep that thought from the forefront of the buyer's mind. This will give you far more power when it comes to negotiating.

Price it to Be Found in Real Estate Website Searches

Keep in mind when pricing your home that you will have far better luck if your home is priced to be included in computerized real estate searches. Statistics have demonstrated that a large majority of home buyers today begin their search for a home online. Even if they start out working with a real estate agent, the agent will be using an automated search in the local database for properties that include specifics the buyer is looking for, including price. If the buyer is looking for a home for $250,000 or less and your home is listed at $255,000 it won't be included in the search parameters even though the $5,000 difference would still be an affordable possibility for the buyers. Given the fact that home price, especially in today's market, are highly flexible, make sure the listing price of your home can be easily included in online searches.

Open for Negotiation and Discussion

Finally, be aware that the price of your home should never be set in stone but should always remain open for discussion. Ultimately, you should always listen to the advice of your real estate agent. After all, it is their job to understand the dynamics of the current market and to be aware of what will be successful and what will not. Numerous factors can affect the pricing strategy for your home. Changing market conditions can quickly affect pricing. Responding as quickly as possible to those changing market conditions can help you to get the best price possible for your home with the least amount of trouble.



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