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Taking Advantage of Social Media to Sell your Home

Around the country, homeowners are still struggling to sell their homes amidst an overburdened market. As a result, many are turning to whatever tools and avenues they can take advantage of to get the word out about their homes and increase exposure. Social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, have dramatically changed the way in which people around the world, share information and connect. These sites have also significantly changed the way in which real estate can be marketed. Gone are the days when a prospective buyer drove by a house, copied down a number from the For Sale sign and called to make an appointment. At least 80% of all prospective homebuyers today will begin their search for a new home on the Internet. An even larger percentage of real estate agents have begun to respond to this shift in buying behavior and are now utilizing social media to market their listings. If you are considering selling your home or your home is already on the market, you simply cannot afford to overlook this crucial avenue of opportunity.

Using Facebook

Facebook is now the most popular online social media site, with millions of users around the world logging in each and every day. To make effective use of Facebook for the purposes of marketing your home, you must make sure that your home is visible on the site. The first thing you need to do to get started is to make a post letting others know that your home is available for sale. This should begin to generate some buzz about your home. You can also go a step further and ask friends and family members to post on their profiles about your home as well. They likely have contacts beyond your immediate circle and this can help to get the word out.

Another good option is to create a photo album on your Facebook profile that is dedicated specifically to pictures of your home. Be sure you have quality, attractive pictures of the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Be sure to tag the photos with descriptions and to use plenty of keywords that will attraction attention to your post. For example, use descriptions such as "house for sale in Nashville, TN" or "real estate in Miami, FL"

You can also post a video tour of your home on Facebook as well. Video tours have become an increasingly common marketing tool among many real estate professionals today and with very good reason. They're effective! Buyers want to receive immediate information and access to a home for sale that interests them. A video tour satisfies that desire. Video tours can be easily put together using software and several good quality pictures of your home.

There are also several other steps you can take to make full use of Facebook when marketing your home. Make sure you have a note on your profile that details all of the important details about your home, including number of beds and bath, square footage, price and contact information for your realtor.

Creating a custom page for your house is also an excellent idea. Be sure to let your friends and family know about it and ask them to Like it. Once you have received 25 Likes on your page, you can take advantage of the ability to create a custom URL just for your house.

Finally, make sure you continue to post updates about your house to keep the buzz going.

Using Twitter

Twitter is also a huge social networking site and free to join as well. Once you are a member, you gain the ability to connect with other members and provide them with updates on your life through short IM messages known as Tweets. The premise behind using Twitter is relatively simple. You just answer the question about what you're doing. You can easily get started by letting others know what you're selling your house. Be sure to post updates anytime there is a change in your home, such as when you make renovations, host an open house, etc.

The use of social media and networking sites has grown at an exponential rate over a relatively short period of time. Sellers and real estate agents who want to stay ahead of the competition have already begun to make use of these sites to increase exposure for their properties. Free and simple to use, these sites very well could change the way in which real estate is marketed in the not so distant future.



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