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How to Sell your Home using Social Media?

Social media is no longer just being used by teenagers as a way of keeping track of their ever increasing social circle. Today professionals and even consumers are getting in on the act and using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others for financial and commercial applications. In addition, an increasing number of home buyers and sellers have begun to utilize social media in order to market properties in a market that remains frustratingly slow. The benefit offered by the use of social media when selling your home is the ability to reach out to a much larger audience while also targeting a specific audience.

Keep in mind, the key to using social media is that it does require a specific strategy. Indiscriminate use of social media can often have the unintended result of alienating your audience. First, it is important to identify the social media channels that will provide the biggest impact for your particular needs. For instance, if you are trying to sell your home, you might consider launching a website, producing home-tour type videos and then uploading them to YouTube and your website and updating your Facebook page to let friends know your home is for sale and all of the details about the property.

You might also consider creating a Facebook page specifically to sell your own home or your company's listings if you are a realtor. This is a great way to showcase a particular property. Even though some of the people who visit your page might not currently be in the market for a home, they may have friends or family who are. A listing that is passed from one Facebook user or page to another can generate an incredible amount of exposure. You simply never know which one of your friends or contacts may know someone who is in the market for precisely the property you have for sale. Facebook and other social media sites take the old word-of-mouth marketing technique to an entirely new level and allow you to get the word out about a property you have for sale to a much larger audience.

Another idea is to use the marketplace on Facebook, particularly if your friends use the marketplace. Marketplace is much like a classified ads section for Facebook that can prompt your contacts and let them know a listing has been posted.

It's also a good idea to use social media to create a buzz about the home you are trying to sell. Is there something exciting or unique the home? Is it located near a celebrity hangout? Are there trendy restaurants located in the area or perhaps a championship golf course nearby? If so, send out some Tweets to let everyone know. Make sure you include a link to the listing so people can learn more about the property right away.

When selling a property through social media it is also important to appeal to whatever may be going on in the surrounding area. By showing potential buyers what they can take advantage of by living in that area you may be able to generate a stronger amount of interest in the property. The old cliché that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence really is true in many instances. Take advantage of that and use it to your benefit when marketing your property on social media sites. Let people know what they might be missing out on if they do not act right away!

Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have proven to be incredibly valuable when it comes to selling a home. Keep in mind; however, that you should not post too often or make repetitive posts as that can quickly run the risk of becoming spam. Basically, you should not post unless there is something that is truly relevant to let others know about the home such as a specific feature or some other detail. Above all, you should never re-post the same information over and over. Repeated posts tend to encourage people to remove you entirely from their distribution list; which of course is entirely counterproductive to the idea of using social media.

In the end social media, when used shrewdly, can prove to be an excellent tool for marketing and selling a property. The key is to make sure that you spend some time becoming familiar with these tools and understand the best way in which to use them for the most benefit and impact.



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