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Use the Latest Technology to Sell Your House Fast

Gone are the days when prospective buyers walked in a real estate agent's office and perused photos of available homes on a bulletin board or a brochure. In today's tech-savvy world, the way in which homes are sold has drastically changed. Estimates indicate that as many as 80% of home buyers now use the Internet to look for homes. That percentage becomes even higher among younger home buyers. If your home is not being marketed using the Internet and the wonders of modern technology, chances are you are going to be left behind. Understanding the technological trends of the real estate world is now even more important than ever, given the sour condition of the housing market. In today's market, sellers need every advantage over the competition they can muster. If you are a home seller, even if you are not up on all of the latest technological techniques, it is imperative that you find an agent who is completely fluent in the various methods of using technology and the Internet to sell your house faster.

Social networking is currently one of the hottest ways to promote real estate. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are growing increasingly popular. In the past, social networking sites have been invaluable tools for offering neighborhood information to prospective buyers. In the future, real estate agents are going to be able to do much more and actually use such sites to provide everything from home searches to maps and other types of information. Ultimately, taking advantage of this trend allows you to greatly maximize the exposure of your home. The more people know about your home, the faster it's likely to sell.

Podcasting is also becoming extremely popular as a sales tool. Today, buyers can download podcasts to their MP3 player or iPod can take it with them. For prospective homebuyers who are on the go this can be an ideal situation, allowing them to listen to information about your home during their daily commute, workout at the gym or whatever.

Digital videos have practically become a stable in the modern real estate world. Not only is it easy to create a video of a property for sale, but it can also be highly effective as well for offering virtual tours and guides to the local neighborhood. Buyers can the opportunity to feel as though they have actually walked through your home before they even make an appointment to tour it in person.

For a long time now one of the buzz phrases in the real estate industry has been staging. Owners have spent thousands of dollars to have their homes professionally staged and for very good reason. Statistics have indicated that staging not only allows a home to sell faster, but also makes it possible to achieve a higher asking price. The new trend allows sellers to reap the benefits of staging without going through the actual process. Known as virtual staging, this process makes it possible to digitally enhance photos of your home so it appears to have been professionally staged. Overall, virtual staging is less expensive than actually renovating a home or physically staging it. This may not be an option for everyone, but it can be a good solution when actually staging the home is simply not a viable option. Keep in mind that first impressions are everything and given the fact that most buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet, this service can aid tremendously in helping buyers to actually envision themselves living in a home.

Finally, mobile technologies are sweeping the world of modern real estate. From mobile alerts to smart-phone apps to specially formatted web content, this new technology makes it possible for your real estate agent to be constantly available to prospective buyers. Today we live in a world of instant gratification. If a buyer isn't able to receive the information they want when they want it, there is a good chance they will turn elsewhere. These types of applications and technologies ensure that doesn't happen. Such technologies can prove to be invaluable in terms of providing feedback to agents and assisting them in customizing their marketing strategies. In addition, agents can also more successfully target the buyers who are most likely to purchase your home. In the end, this type of marketing strategy can help to sell your house much faster, rather than have it languish for months on end, waiting for the right buyer to come along.



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