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Where can you find the Best Real Estate Bargains Today?

Towards the end of year 2007, concern over the real estate market has greatly increased. In fact, homes sales have reached the lowest levels in six years. Foreclosures have continued to expand and lenders are now exercising more caution in approving home mortgages. As a result, many investors have begun to shy away from the real estate market.

Even so, there are still many areas in which great real estate investments are still possible. One of the main reasons it might actually make sense to buy in certain areas is the fact that many sellers are becoming increasingly willing to accept lower prices on their homes in order to unload them. A low price; however, does not necessarily equate to being a good bargain and this should be kept in mind when browsing the market for prospective investment properties.

Identifying areas which are anticipated to experience increased sales in the future could prove to be excellent investment locations. When looking for areas which have the potential to be a good buyer's market, it is important to consider the current inventory and the state of sales prices. Ideally, the best buyer's markets have a large inventory and sales prices that are steadily declining. It can also be helpful to look for markets which have traditionally been affordable and undervalues. Fort Worth, Texas is an excellent example of such a market. This particular area has not experienced quite the same corrections to the post-boom as other markets. In addition, a strong increase in sales is expected soon; making this an ideal market to consider for investments.

Washington D.C. and Long Island, N.Y. have traditionally been strong markets which are now experiencing a recovery. Both markets are expected to stabilize soon. When that occurs, both should prove to be quite healthy for investors.

Orlando and Las Vegas are considered to be somewhat riskier markets; however, they are expected to undergo some significant increases in sales in the near future. This means that buyers who invest in these markets will actually be taking on a relatively small risk compared to many other markets.

Understanding which markets make ideal investment markets requires understanding something about not only the national market but also local markets as well. While prices are continuing to slip in many areas, creating strong buyer markets, this is not the case in all markets. For example, in some areas the number of buyers still exceeds the number of sellers. This is the case in San Francisco, where upper-end properties are in high demand. This means that, it is generally difficult for buyers to pick up a bargain. In fact, in these areas it is not uncommon for sellers to be able to obtain not only their asking price but even above the asking price.

In other areas, there is an extensive inventory and few buyers interested in making purchases. While at first glance these markets might seem as though they would be ideal investment opportunities this is not always the case. In these areas, it is important to understand how long you can expect it to take for the value of your new investment to increase. You may well be able to purchase a property at a value in these areas; however, if it takes too long for sales prices in those areas to increase they are not really an ideal investment.

Many industry experts believe that the best real estate investments are those which are traditionally always in demand. These areas include homes that are well constructed and planned and situated in desirable locations. If the inventory in a particular area is low enough, almost all listings will generally sell. This is the case in Oakland, California which is known as being a trendy neighborhood in which homes are snatched up quickly.

When looking for properties in which to invest, it is generally a good idea to remember that a home is not a bargain if you cannot reasonably expect there to be an upturn soon. Properties worth considering are those located near urban areas with strong infrastructure such as transportation. Those areas situated in areas where the population is growing faster than new construction are ideal candidates to consider for investment. When the market turns around, these areas could very well be the next hot spots for investors.

Even though the current market may seem dismal, there are actually many great investment opportunities. The key is to make sure that you choose bargain properties carefully.



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