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Find a Good Realtor

One of the easiest ways to sell your house fast and for the right price is to choose a good Realtor - one who will work for you, and work with you to sell your property. The key to finding the best realtor is to research and interview several, and then choose the one that you trust the most. What should you be asking and looking for?

Here are a list of questions that you should ask if you want to find a good realtor.

Question # 1: How will you sell my house?

This question can be broken down into the following: How will you advertise my home and in which markets? How successful is your advertising? Do you use newspaper, real estate magazines, a multiple listing service, the internet?

The realtor should be able to describe a marketing plan to you without much hesitation. They should be able to name publications, and list web site addresses that they use regularly.

Question # 2: How long have you been a Realtor (or real estate agent)? (How many houses have you sold? How many houses have you sold in this neighborhood?)

You want a realtor who is familiar with your neighborhood and the market for homes in your neighborhood. A Realtor with a great track record selling moderate priced multifamily dwellings may not be your best choice if they don't have the experience selling your upscale single family home.

Question # 3: Is my home typical of the homes that you sell? (What price range of homes do you usually list? Can I get references from those you've sold homes for?)

For the same reason you want a Realtor familiar with your area, you want one with experience selling the kind of home you're trying to sell. A reputable real estate agent should have no problem with supplying you with the names of previous customers.

Question # 4: Are you a member of any professional organizations or regulatory boards with oversight?

There are several professional Realtor associations that expect their members to pass regular benchmark tests, and uphold standards and ethical practices. Find out which organizations, if any, your prospective Realtor belongs to.

Question # 5: Is your commission negotiable? (What commission do you expect?)

A typical commission for a full service agent is between 6 and 7% of the selling price of your home. A listings-only agent may take as little as 2-3% through an exclusive contract - but they will get that 2-3% no matter who sells your house, unless you find the buyer yourself. Be cautious of any Realtor who promises you full service for very low commission. Chances are that they won't focus the attention you need on your sale.

If you're buying a home as well as selling, you might be able to negotiate a lower commission by using the same agent for both the sale of your old house and the purchase of your new home.

Remember that you are the hiring party - that puts you in control. Never sign with a realtor that you don't trust, no matter how good the deal he or she offers you seems. As in most other things, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Now you've equipped with this list of questions, you can find and compare a good agent with confidence!



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