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6 Home Selling Tips that Grab Buyers and Agents' Attention

The market may have been red hot a few years ago but currently it is definitely a buyer's market. In a buyer's market, it can sometimes be difficult for owners to attract traffic and attention to their home when they must compete with so many other homes on the market. If you are currently trying to sell your home and feel it is not showing as much as it should, there are some tips you can use to help increase interest in your home. One of the first steps that many owners take is to slash the price on their home. In today's market, this is not always the most prudent step. It might not even garner the results you desire. Before reducing the price on your home, consider the tips below.

Tip #1: Make it Easy to Show your Home

Many homeowners make it difficult to show their home because they request showings by appointment only. In today's market this can be a death knell for many homes for sale. Buyers have more homes than ever to consider and if they must wait for an appointment they may find something else they like better before they have an opportunity to see your home. By making it easy to sell your home you may be able to increase your showings. Consider having your agent post a lockbox on your home to make it easy for it to be shown.

Tip #2: Offer a Buyer's Agent Commission

At one time buyer's agents were not necessarily that common but that has certainly changed today. If you are not sure how the commission on your home will be split it is certainly worth checking the listing agreement to find out. If the commission is not being split 50/50, this could be one reason why your home is not being shown as much as you would like. Real estate agents work by commission and as a result they will naturally tend to give more attention to listings that offer a more competitive commission for buyer's agents. In the event the commission on your home is not being split 50/50, it is a good idea to consider re-directing the amount that is offered to the buyer's agent.

Tip #3: Improve Market Exposure

With the market cluttered with so many listings, it is imperative to make sure that your home receives as much exposure as possible. This means that homeowners must market their homes even more in the current market than ever before. If you are not already marketing your home on the Internet, be sure you make a move in that direction. Buyers are increasingly using the Internet to shop for homes today before they even begin the process of viewing homes in person. If your home is not being marketed online, you could be missing out on a lot of potential traffic. In addition, make certain your home is being advertised in weekly newspapers as well as in home magazines.

Tip #4: Go Extravagant with your Open House

In many neighborhoods today, open houses are a dime a dozen. Therefore, you need to make sure that your open house stands out among the many others that may be offered on the same day. Consider investing a little money and hiring someone to act as a sign waiver and direct people to your home. Place brightly colored balloons and streamers to attract even more attention. You might also wish to offer soft drinks and snacks during your open house, to encourage prospective buyers to linger and see all of the best points your home has to offer.

Tip #5: Using Limited Time Offers

Another great idea is to offer a fabulous deal to buyers provided they act within a certain amount of time. Buyers, more so than ever before, want to find a great deal. They may be more motivated to consider your home and even buy it quicker if they feel that a great deal may not last long. Great options include:

  • Preparing insurance or taxes for the buyer

  • Using a portion of the sales price to credit the buyer's closing costs

  • Paying points for buyer to lower their mortgage interest rate

Tip #6: Grab the Attention of Brokers

Just as buyers have more homes on the market to snag their attention, so do brokers. Make sure your home receives its fair share of attention by catering a lunch for local real estate brokers. You might also consider offering a drawing to grab even more attention.



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