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Hire a Home Stager Before Selling your Home

In a housing market that is growing increasingly sluggish, sellers are doing everything they can to make their homes more attractive and increase their chances of selling. This includes hiring real estate stagers to help them make their homes more appealing to a larger pool of buyers.

Evidence indicates that hiring a home stager is certainly beneficial. On average, homes that have been staged tend to sell a whopping 4 months faster than homes that have not been staged. While home staging has been a common practice on the West Coast for a number of years, it has finally begun to penetrate markets on the East Coast as well as the Midwest.

The primary goal of a home stager is to make the home less focused on the previous or current owners and really more about the house itself. Since the house is really what the buyers want to see, it makes good common sense.

In many cases, a home can have great architecture but it may become hidden or obscured due to personal details and influences of the sellers. This makes it difficult for prospective buyers to focus on the house. Instead, they tend to focus on the contents and that can be a problem when you are trying to sell your home.

To work toward this goal most stagers spend a significant amount of time on depersonalizing the home. In most cases this also translates to clearing out much of the clutter that many of us tend to accumulate over time.

Closets, in particular, are an important area. All buyers want spacious closet space; however, they may feel that your home is lacking in that area if they canít really see what the closets are like.

In addition, stagers work on making the home more pleasing and eye-appealing. This could mean removing some of the older furniture and temporarily replacing it with rented furniture and even accessories like window treatments, rugs and art work. Furniture may also be re-arranged so that it appears to be more balanced. The key is to make a room feel inviting and warm yet also make the most of the space by helping it to be appearing as spacious as possible. Unfortunately, most sellers have their furniture arranged for their own personal preferences and comfort. When you are selling your home this can make it difficult to snag the right buyer. To combat this problem, stagers make changes to highlight architectural features in rooms such as fireplaces.

To a large degree there is a tremendous amount of psychology involved in staging a home. Stagers look for areas in the home that could be a turn-off to buyers such as furniture that is turned with the back to the entry-way. If you live in the home day in and day out, it may not seem to be a problem; however, when a buyer enters the home it could send a negative message.

Even new homes are now being staged to make them more attractive to prospective buyers. The approach in a new home is somewhat different; however. Since no one has lived in the home, stagers work to make the home seem lived-in. By renting furniture and accessories they are able to set the scene that is not unlike setting a scene for a movie.

It should be pointed out that staging a home is certainly not cheap. The actual cost for staging can vary based on whether the home is empty or inhabited as well as exactly what the homeowner or realtor is looking for. Homes that are empty tend to cost more for staging because of the additional furniture and accessories that must be rented. In order for staging to be successful each room must appear as though someone actually lives in the home.

For sellers who are on a budget, it can still be beneficial to hire stagers for a consultation. This is usually less expensive and involves the stagers doing a walk-through of the home and then making suggestions that the seller can follow up on. A typical consultation lasts about an hour and runs around $250. Considering the advantages this type of service offers, it could definitely be worth the money.

Despite the cost, staging could definitely be worth it if you find that you are having difficulty selling your home. Besides the fact that staged homes typically sell faster, they also usually bring in a higher sales price; which could more than make up for the cost of the staging.



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