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Why Should You Consider 'Real Estate Property Listings' When Selling Your House?

When you're ready to sell your home, your goal should be to have your property seen by as many people as possible. After all, the more people who know your house is for sale, the better the likelihood that you'll find a buyer. One of the best ways to increase the visibility of the property that you're trying to sell is to get it listed with a real estate property listing service.

Real estate property listings like Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are regularly consulted by real estate agents who are looking for properties to sell their interested customers. By listing your house with a property listing service, you are marketing your property to professionals who have customers looking to buy. When you list with a real estate listing, you open your market wide.

What Can A Listing Service Do For You?

One of the most important factors in how quickly your home sells is exposure. While the 'Sunday drive to look for 'For Sale' signs' makes a pretty story, few serious home buyers are riding around the road looking for your house. Newspaper ads get you a degree of exposure, but it's limited to those in your local area. A newspaper classified ad also is limited to words. The simple fact is that most home buyers start - and end - their search for a new house by browsing real estate property listings.

Listing services can be a powerful marketing tool. Real estate agents scan the property listings daily for new properties in order to keep up with new houses listed for sale. Home buyers browse real estate listing sites looking for their dream house. Listing your home on a real estate property listing will ensure that the property you're trying to sell will be seen by people who are serious about buying.

What Kinds Of Listings Are Available?

The most well-known real estate property listing is MLS, the Multiple Listing Service. MLS is a cooperative listing by professional realtors. In order for your home to be entered on the MLS system, you must have a listing agent. If you want to avoid paying a commission, your best option is to sign an exclusive agency listing with an agent who will list your home with the service, or make a flat fee listing arrangement with a Realtor. Under an exclusive agency agreement, you only pay commission if a professional realtor finds a buyer for your home. With a flat fee listing, you pay a one-time fee to an agent to list your house, and pay no commission, as long as you find your own buyer. The MLS system is the single most consulted real estate list, and will get your house national exposure.

Another listing option is to list your house with an online FSBO site. Read the fine print carefully - many do require you to have an agent to file an MLS listing for you - but some are independent. Generally, you'll pay either a flat fee of a few hundred dollars or a 2-3% commission for your listing if it results in a sale. If you want to cut the listing broker and save thousands, then you should seriously consider listing your property with a nationwide MLS flat fee listing network here.

A third option is to pay to have your property listed in a local 'Homes For Sale' magazine. Those are the kind found at your local supermarket with all the pictures of houses for sale in them. It will get you wide exposure to a local market of both realtors and private buyers.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your listings.

  • Use the right language. The more appealingly you describe your home, the more likely it is to attract a buyer.

  • Hit the highlights. Number of rooms, number of baths, number of bedrooms, and any special features (huge walk-in closets!).

  • Always include a good picture.



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