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Critical Reasons why You Need a Realtor when Selling your Home

If the time has come for you to sell your home and you are trying to make the decision between listing it with a real estate agent or selling it on your own, it is important to consider several important reasons for using a realtor.

First, consider why you're tempted to try it on your own. For most homeowners it is the lure of being able to save the cost of the commission; a fee that ranges between 5% and 7% in most states. That can sound like a hefty amount of money to save, but keep in mind that in the end you may end up spending more than that trying to sell it on your own.

One element that many homeowners overlook when they decide to sell their home on their own is the fact that it can take up a lot of their time to properly market their home and then individually meet with each buyer that is interested. If you work a full-time job that means you will need to either take time off from work or only show your home when you're not working; something that can severely restrict your home's exposure to prospective buyers.

There is also the matter of marketing to consider. Most homeowners simply do not have the type of exposure and resources that realtors can bring to the table. A realtor is able to offer a variety of different marketing methods, both digital and print that can ensure your home is exposed to the largest group of prospective buyers possible. In addition, your realtor can tap into numerous cooperative marketing networks, including exposure to other realtors. Studies have shown that more than 80% of all real estate sales occur as a result of contact with a real estate agent.

It is also important to consider the matter of security. When you try to sell your home on your own, you must deal with the reality of allowing strangers to come into your home. The same is also true when your home is listed for sale with a realtor, but the difference is that realtors take the time to pre-screen and qualify prospective buyers before they bring them into your home. Also, simply having a realtor present when your home is shown can help to reduce the amount of risk to your family and home.

Realtors can also be extremely helpful when the time comes to negotiate a deal for your home. Realtors handle negotiating on a regular basis and can help you to work out the best possible deal for your home.

The fact that you must continually deal with a wide number of professionals when selling your home must not be overlooked either. Such professionals include attorneys, title companies, inspectors, appraisers and lenders. While you might not have that much experience dealing with so many people at once as a homeowner, this is something that a professional realtor does on a daily basis; ensuring every part of the home selling process moves along smoothly.

A realtor can also be extremely helpful in ensuring that any potential problems are smoothed out before they have a chance to stall the sale of your home. If questions should arise, a realtor can help to work them out to ensure that your home sale closes on time. This type of day to day monitoring of a transaction can be well worth the price of the commission.

You will also likely find that a professional realtor can be invaluable in terms of providing advice and guidance in getting your home prepared for sale. The fact is that there are more homes for sale today than in the recent past and that means more competition. When there is that much competition in a housing market you must do everything possible to make sure your home stands out from the crowd. A professional realtor can offer advice on removing clutter, giving your home curb appeal and improving the various other distractions that might cause a negative impression in a prospective buyer.

Finally, consider the fact that a realtor has a comprehensive understanding of the sales process from start to finish, including how to effective handle written contracts, negotiations and counteroffers, home appraisals and inspections and everything related to the closing itself; elements that can leave the average homeowner feeling confused.

Ultimately, the price paid to a realtor can be relatively minor considering everything they do and the many benefits they provide a homeowner.



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