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The Right Real Estate Agent is key to Achieve Home Selling Success

Far too often many home sellers make the mistake of thinking that just any real estate agent will do when it comes to selling their property. This is a misconception that can lead to serious financial woes. While a professional real estate agent should give the sale of your property their wholehearted attention and best efforts, sadly that is often not the case. Even though real estate agents are required to receive education and training regarding the financial, legal and marketing aspects of selling a home, problems arise when some real estate agents simply are not as motivated as other agents.

Avoid References without Searching

Assuming the agent who sold your friend, neighbor or relative's home will do a good job for you can be a huge mistake. While it's always a good idea to get references when you're looking for a real estate agent to sell your home it is also important to take your search for the right real estate agent a few steps further. Take the time to find out some background on possible agents as well as information regarding their specific marketing plans.

Don't rush the process. It's far better to spend a little more time and find the right real estate agent who can sell your home both quickly and for the right price than to rush into a listing agreement with the wrong agent and have the sale of your home suffer for it.

Find Local-based Agent

Start your search by looking for someone who is locally based. A local real estate agent will have the most up to date information regarding your area real estate market and that can be important. There may be factors in the local real estate market that could affect the sale of your home that simply are not an issue even a few miles away.

Approach the listing of your home as you would the search for any other professional. Interview several candidates first, ideally, you should consider no less than three qualified real estate agents before you make a final decision.

Avoid Slow Responding Agent

It's a good idea to begin contacting the real estate agents you are considering and request information from them regarding the possible listing of your home. Always be wary of any agent who either does not immediately return your phone call or drop some information in the mail to you. If they are this slow in responding to your queries consider how they might approach a buyer interested in home.

Check the Agent's Website

Do some digging and research on your own. Obtain the URL for the agent's website and browse around to find out how appealing the website is to potential buyers. Does the agency feature a virtual tour on their website? Do they provide enough information about the homes listed to whet a buyer's appetite for more information? Are multiple pictures of the homes listed? What about the quality of the pictures on the website? Consider other avenues the real estate agent uses to market homes listed with their agency. Do they frequently run ads in the newspapers as well as local radio and television stations? How active is the real estate agent in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

Ask about Marketing Plan and Comparative Market Analysis

Before signing a listing with any real estate agent ask them how they plan to market your home. Get specific and find out their plans for overcoming any problems that may currently be slowing down the local market or that could affect the sale of your home. Ask what types of strategies they plan to use in order to market your home.

Many real estate agents will offer to do what is known as a free comparative market analysis (CMA). This information can be used to compare your home against other homes currently for sale in the local market and arrive at a possible sales figure. By comparing the CMA information provided by several agents you will be better able to determine which agents are most knowledgeable about the local area and therefore better qualified to sell your home.

Request the Selling Costs

Finally, don't forget to find out specifics regarding the financials of the sell of your home. What is their commission rate? Is it comparable to the rates of other local agencies? Ask the agent to provide you with an estimate of your seller costs. The real estate agent should be able to provide you with detailed information regarding attorney fees, the agent's commission and typical seller costs such as surveys, inspections, etc.

Find out the Listing Time

Other important information you should also find out includes the minimum amount of time for which they will list your home. Be wary of real estate agents who require lengthy listing period. If there is a problem and your home doesn't sell quickly you may find yourself tied to an agent who isn't giving the sale of your home their all.

In addition, find out information regarding their statistics such as how many homes sell during the first listing phase? If sellers have to re-list with a real estate agent because their home didn't sell the first go around, there could be a problem with the marketing techniques used by the agent.

Find Out the Agent's Experience

What about the agent's experience? How long have they been licensed to sell real estate? How many homes have they sold in that time period? Remember numerous years of experience doesn't necessarily equal success.

How often can you anticipate the agent will provide you with feedback from buyers? This can be extremely important in the process of selling your home. If buyers continue to provide the same comments it could be that minor adjustments may need to be made either in the asking price or perhaps some cosmetic flaws need to be addressed with the home itself.

Find Out the Agent's Specialization

Find out whether the real estate agent in question has an area in which they specialize. Many agents are now specializing in certain neighborhoods or subdivisions. In addition, it's possible they may specialize in upscale homes or even farm properties. Make sure the agent you hire is experienced in your area and type of home to successfully sell it.

Find an Honest Agent

Avoid hiring a real estate agent who may only be telling you what you want to hear. Sure, you may want to net $250,000 for the sale of your home but if that's not realistic you need a real estate agent who is educated enough about the local market to give you an accurate idea of what you can realistically expect your home to bring. An agent who only tells you what you want to hear may be setting you up to have your home on the market for a long period of time. It's far better to work with someone who is honest rather than afraid to ruffle your feathers.

If you want to find a real estate agent who will work for you, and work with you to sell your property, you can find and compare a good agent here!



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