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10 Sure Fire Tips to Sell your Home in Winter

Winter is definitely not the most ideal time to sell your home but in some cases it simply may not be possible to avoid it. If you find yourself falling into this situation it is important to keep in mind that while the season may not be cooperating with your home selling plans there are some things you can do to make your home as attractive to prospective buyers as possible.

1. One of the first things you can do to liven interest in your home even during the dreariest of winter to months is to make sure that you keep your walkways and driveways shoveled clear of ice and snow. This makes the home appear to be well maintained in addition to making it much easier for prospective buyers to access your home. If handling this on your own is a problem considering hiring a service to handle the matter for you-it can be a wise investment that pays off in the long run.

2. Be sure your home appears to be warm and cozy to prospective buyers when it is shown. If you regularly keep the thermostat turned down to conserve energy consider adjusting it somewhat so that the presents well. The same goes for the fireplace-if your home has one, show it off.

3. Winter months tend to be somewhat dreary and bleak. Don't allow that to translate into sluggish sales syndrome where your home is concerned. Take advantage of all the natural light you can during daylight hours. Be sure curtains and blind are clean and that they are pulled open during home showings. Along the same lines, take the time to be sure light fixtures and lamps are clean and outfitted with the highest wattage bulbs they can accommodate. For rooms that still seem particularly dark, consider placing some spotlights on the floor behind furniture to lighten things up a bit.

4. It's also important to make sure that the windows are washed. This is often one area that is overlooked by sellers but it can make a huge difference. Not only will your home appear more welcoming but it will also look well-maintained; something that is often important to prospective buyers.

5. Consider staging your home appropriately for showings. Buyers like to be able to see themselves living in the home. You can easily do this by setting the hearth for a fire, folding back the comforter on the bed, placing a throw and a book on the sofa, etc.

6. Take advantage of timers. This helps your home to look more appealing and welcoming, particularly at night, during the rush hour. In addition, it adds additional security for your home when you're not at home. Along the same lines make sure you have enough illumination to clearly light the path to the home's entrances.

7. One of the best things about winter is the holidays. You can easily use this to your advantage if you are selling your home. Create a festive atmosphere with holiday decorations and having a warm plate of cookies and a hot beverage ready to offer to prospective buyers. Hot cocoa, coffee, tea and hot apple cider are excellent choices during the winter. This creates a great first impression.

8. Be sure your home has a nice smell. Oftentimes we tend to overlook the faint musty smell a home can develop during the winter months when we live there. Besides making sure the house is spotlessly clean it's a good idea to either pop a sheet of cookies into the oven to create a nice homey smell or light a couple of scented candles. When it's time to show your home, turn on some soft soothing music to play in the background. This creates atmosphere and immediately puts everyone at ease. Classical music is one of the best choices and is usually well appreciated by everyone.

9. Don't wait until spring actually arrives to give your house a good spring cleaning. Take the time now to clean out all the cobwebs, wash and wax the floors, clean out the fridge (just in case buyers look) dust the furniture, polish chrome faucets and all mirrors and handle any re-caulking that needs to be done around sinks, showers and tubs.

10. Consider giving you and your home a competitive edge by providing information buyers might easily miss or not think to ask. This can easily be done by printing up information on cards and placing them in appropriate rooms of the house. For example, if all the appliances in the kitchen were recently replaced, print it up and place a card in the kitchen.



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