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Sell Your House Online

According to a recent survey of home buyers, nearly 80% of them started their home search by browsing online sites. For some, it was a necessity brought about by a long distance relocation, but for most, it was simply the easiest way to start looking. Most people who browse home buying web sites (both realtor listing sites and For Sale By Owner sites) will view at least one house that they first saw online.

The internet has opened up new selling techniques for both Realtors and owner home sales. With a good Internet listing, you can literally have a 24/7 open house - without ever opening your front door. With all the potential benefits, it only makes sense to try to sell your house online.

There are a number of different ways to go about selling your house online. If you use a Realtor, they may have their own web site on which to list your house. They can also list your property on a multiple listing service (MLS) site, which will increase the visibility of your property. Depending on your realtor, your listing may have one picture, or there may be room for a picture of each room. Some may even offer virtual tours of your home.

You can get your house listed on an MLS site by contracting with a real estate agent with an exclusive sale contract. You agree to pay the agent a small commission - generally 2-3% as opposed to a standard 6% commission for full service - if any Realtor sells your house during the time it is listed through that agent. You reserve the right to find a buyer yourself without paying any commission at all.

There are also numerous FSBO websites that will allow you to list your home for a flat fee. What is included and allowed depends on the particular site. It ranges from a flat fee listing of a few hundred dollars quarterly to a 2% commission when your house sells.

Here are some tips for selling your house online:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Or dollars - give or take. Upload at least one picture of your house to go with your listing. If possible, have the photo taken by a professional photographer to show it in its best light.

  • If you have the option, include photos of your home's best features. Does it have a wonderful scenic view? Put it up there. Gorgeous marble fireplace? Get a shot that includes it.

  • Provide information in your listing that buyers want to know. Information about the neighborhood, school system (short walk to neighborhood school!), proximity to shopping and transportation can be just the spark that will entice a buyer to check it out.

  • Virtual tours can be an expensive option, but worth it if your house's selling price is in the high range.

  • Use your listing page to print out flyers that include the photographs and descriptions, and post them locally.

  • If the FSBO websites you choose offers extras like For Sale signs and lockboxes, take full advantage to appear as professional as possible. People are far less likely to try to lowball a professional sale.



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