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Selling your Home with a Video: The New Way to Sell

As the home selling market becomes increasingly competitive many sellers are looking at ways in which they can garner the attention of buyers using some unique and innovative methods. One way to do that is to use a video to sell your home.

In the past, home buyers had to go on when reviewing homes was a stack of grainy, out of focus snapshots-if that. Today homeowners and agents are creating customized video home tours that reveal every room in the house and even feature narration with a music soundtrack.

Such videos can then be uploaded to a variety of websites including various real estate sites as well as the much viewed and popular Estimates indicate that as many as 70 million videos are seen on YouTube on a daily basis; making it an ideal format to market such home videos.

Real estate agents who have begun using such innovative Internet marketing techniques believe that video home tours allow a house to come alive for possible buyers. Not only are home video tours being posted online, but agents are also burning copies and handing them out at various events such as open houses. In some cases, video home tours are believed to actually reduce the amount of time a house is on the market.

Not only do such video home tours provide advantages to sellers and agents, but buyers benefit too. Buyers who have been looking for just the right home for some time and are weary of traipsing through one house after the next and reduce the amount of time they spend actually touring homes. This is a clear advantage in a market where there is an abundance of inventory. Home buyers who are Internet Savvy also clearly appreciate such new and technologically advanced efforts. The National Association of Realtors reports that as many as 80% of all home buyers are now using the Internet in order to search for their next home.

Video home tours clearly take the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words," to an entirely new level. Not only do buyers get to see the interior of the home, they also get the advantage of seeing how the home flows. Far different from the 360-degree tours that have been used online in the past, video home tours show the house as it really is. Such streaming videos are more fluid and provide far better visuals. The narration also provides benefits, keying buyers into the home's best benefits. Below is an example:

While high-end luxury properties are increasingly using such home video tours that is not to say that they do not provide advantages for more modestly priced homes as well. Most such videos cost around $150 to produce including the video, professional music and narration as well as postings to various web sites. Sellers who have sold their homes in record time find the cost is very affordable, especially in terms of the response and return they receive. In fact, some sellers are even quick to point out that money which was traditionally spent on magazines and newspapers in the past can't hold a candle to the leads that are generated from video tours seen by buyers online. In addition, there is also the undeniable advantage that these streaming videos are available to prospective buyers online 24//7. The videos can literally stay online until the home is sold.

More high-end properties are taking advantage of what are often referred to as mini-documentaries. Homes priced in the $3 million price range and up can benefit from having an entire crew come out and spend hours setting up lighting as well as working to stage the home. The resulting video has a high definition, professional quality and includes customized information such as broker information, still photos, floor layouts and community attractions. Such a video runs around $1,500.

Regardless of the price of the home, one thing most home videos have in common is the absence of a price. Sellers and agents have learned that ideally it's best not to include a price. This prevents the video from becoming outdated in the event the price is reduced in the future.

While home video tours certainly appear to be the wave of the future when it comes to selling homes, they have already begun to evolve into even more advancements. Some companies are now also offering podcast of the home tours that can be downloaded to portable devices such as an iPod or cell phone.

If you're thinking a home video tour might be just the right thing to sell your home, do exercise caution before attempting to create your own video. While most homeowners now own a variety of video equipment, creating a professional quality video is actually more complicated than it might first appear. For example, if the lighting isn't handled correctly, the color could come out wrong, resulting in a poor first impression on buyers. In the end, the price to have a professional video produced can be more than offset by the returns you receive.



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