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Selling your Home? Don't Leave it Vacant

Whether you advertise and sell your home or ask for help from a realtor, the last thing you want to do is leave it vacant. If you've left your home empty while it is on the market waiting to be sold, this is definitely not a good idea, as you will have a harder time trying to sell an empty house to a buyer than one with furniture in it. When potential buyers walk into a property they will be trying to imagine what the house looks like filled with new furniture and their belongings, it is harder to do this if it is empty.

The best advice to a home seller is to depersonalize the space, take away your family photos, kids drawings, ornaments, etc and leave it in a plain neutral state including only the main items of furniture. Having these things in the home will give the buyer a better idea of the space in each room and gets their imagination going as to what the possibilities are for future arrangements.

In an empty house, people will need to be told which room fits what purpose, at least when the furniture is there they will know that this is the living room, and that is the study area. If you've ever seen an empty house then you'll know that all of the imperfections are clear as day without the furniture; that badly painted spot on the wall that used to be hidden behind a wedding photo or the miss matched floorboard color, where your sofa used to be, all of this will become overly apparent and devalue the price of your house.

If your goal is to sell your home fast then home staging is a good idea, you can live elsewhere, but leave a few items such as the odd table, chair sets, flower pots, simple wall hangings and a few strategically placed lamps to give out a comfortable homely vibe. If you need all of these items then you might want to consider hiring a professional staging agency, they will come in and access your interior then fill it with the necessary pieces of furniture giving it an appealing edge and increasing your chances of making a faster sale.

If possible ask a family member to live in the house until it is sold instead of having to call a realtor to go round and show the place each time a buyer calls, you can have someone their to keep things looking good and show people round the house. In some cases and especially in the current economic climate, many properties are left on the market for months; in this case another worry might be about squatters taking over your unused property. This is quite a common problem in certain areas and may result in damage to your property, which is something that you don't really want during the viewing stages.

The bottom line is that selling a vacant house is much more difficult and will take more time to get rid of than a fully furnished one. Apart from this, an empty home will definitely go for less money than one with a few basic fittings to give an idea of use of space. When your potential buyers walk into your house you want them to be awed by possibilities and be distracted by the detailed features, not to focus in on the flaws.

Spending a little extra on a home stager who will ensure that all of the rooms in your home are kept perfect for future viewings is guaranteed to speed up the selling process. You can also ask them to supply a manager to take care of your property, keep it clean and show people around.



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